Best Way For Women Over 50 To Workout

I hope that by now you are used to doing your morning workouts on your empty stomach 🙂

And to make things even more clear for you, below are the 3 main reasons why doing my workouts on your empty stomach can burn 1 pound of fat per day :- )

3 Reasons Why Doing My Workouts In The Morning on Your Empty Stomach Can Burn 1 Pound Of Fat

1. Your blood sugar is very low in the morning, which is perfect for burning fat.

Because you haven’t eaten almost anything for the last 8 -10 hours, when you do my workouts, your body will need to transform your body fat into glucose in order to get energy, which is what you want.

At the same time, if you exercise after you have eaten – like most people do (and that’s why they get very small results) – your body will use the energy from the food you have eaten, not the fat you want to burn …

Now, if you are afraid that you will not have enough strength or that you will lose muscle, do not worry, as my workouts are very short (18 minutes long including stretching and warm up).

They are a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) , which is well known for building muscles & burning fat.

And if you want to be 100% sure you will not lose muscle and you will have enough strength, just drink a small 4 OZ protein shake 10 minutes before the workout.

2. In the morning, you have an improved insulin sensitivity

Doing your workouts in the morning, on your empty stomach is one way to increase your insulin sensitivity, resulting in your body releasing insulin less often.

This makes it easier for you to lose body fat, improves blood flow to muscles and even reduces the effect of eating foods that contain sugars and carbs.

3. In the morning, before eating, you have higher levels of Growth Hormone (GH)

Growth Hormone helps your body build new muscles tissues, burn fat, improves bone quality and longevity.

One study showed that 24 hours without food, increases the female growth hormone production by 1300 percent.

So, if you are ready to lose over 20 pounds, YOU CAN! This plan has helped me slim down fast back to a size 8 in less time that I thought possible… 

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